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Parody Songs Mock Religious Right's Outrage Over Red Starbucks Cup (Video)

Two parody songs (videos below) have been released that mock religious conservatives who have been outraged over the new Starbucks red holiday cup. Both songs riff off of country singer Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup," which is about drinking beer.

Tommy Nobles performs Keith's song (with altered lyrics) and video in "Red Starbucks Cup," which was the brainchild of DJ Dudley D and Ben Quam, notes the Friendly Atheist.

The lyrics include: "Red Starbucks Cup is cheap and disposable / In 14 years they are decomposable / But like everything now, they are apparently opposable by dicks who think coffee defines their faith."

Later, the song adds: "But I have to admit it's a dead horse that you're hittin' / If fast service coffee defines your religion."

Not to be outdone, WCYY, a radio station in Portland, Maine, did a parody called, "The Internet Outrage Song (aka Red Starbucks Cup)," which includes the lyrics: "A red Starbucks cup was a war on Christianity / And in one week there will be another insanity."

The song's chorus goes: "Red Starbucks cup / Shut the hell up / Let's have an outrage, Internet outrage."

The station writes on its website, "The 'Red Starbucks Cup Controversy' tried to convince us that disposable cups somehow represented the spirituality of our nation and we should all be angry for some reason. Just another fake story to rile up conservative Christians and exploit them for profit."

Sources: Friendly Atheist, WCYY / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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