'I Was Just Shocked': Mom Upset When School Offers Bibles To Fifth Graders (Video)


Jessica Greene was upset when her fifth-grade son brought a Bible home from Cloverleaf Elementary school in Cartersville, Georgia, last Thursday.

"Leo came home from school, and he said, 'Today they handed out Bibles,'" Greene told WXIA (video below).

"We were in class," Leo explained. "Our teacher said that these people have volunteered to hand out Bibles. And she said, 'There's going to be a line in the library.'"

Leo claims that every student was offered a Bible at the public school. The kids who refused a Bible were told to walk to the other side of a room.

"I was just shocked the school system would do that," Greene said. "I tried to contact the superintendent, but he has not returned my calls."

Bartow County Superintendent John Harper did not respond to phone calls from WXIA, but RawStory.com reports the school did write on its Facebook page:

The Gideons are permitted to offer Bibles to students who wish to pick them up. It is strictly voluntary and the library was the location where students could pick one up; our librarian did not give them out. We appreciate your input. If you have further concerns, please contact administration during school hours. Thank you!

However, when Greene wrote a comment about her objections to the Bible giveaway, she got slammed by other parents. Apparently, it was so overwhelming that the school disabled the public post and deleted the comments.

"Some of the last comments I got before it was taken down from the page were, 'You're outnumbered here,'" recalled Greene.

Sources: WXIA, RawStory.com / Photo Credit: WXIA Screenshot, Wikimedia Commons


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