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Parents Hold Protest, Claim Textbook Has Too Much Information About Islam, Not Enough About Other Religions

Upset parents who feel that a textbook contains too much information about Islam and not enough about Christianity and other religions protested outside a Florida school district’s headquarters.

WFTV reported that the controversy began unraveling after a 15-year-old Deltona high school student showed her mother her 10th-grade history book, which has an entire chapter dedicated to Islam but none of the other world religions.

A conservative activist reportedly called for a curriculum overhaul, and nearly 200 activists were planning a protest at Tuesday’s Volusia County School Board meeting.

However, the county district was forced to postpone Tuesday’s meeting "in the interest of public safety," according to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times, which noted that parents did protest outside Volusia County school district headquarters.

District 2 Deltona commissioner Webster Barnaby had said they just want balance.

"Why relegate Christianity to a footnote in an entire history book, and you give an entire chapter on the teachings of Islam?" Barnaby said.  

Hassan Shibly, Florida executive director of CAIR, a Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, questioned the protest.

"This group is holding a protest and rally to oppose the teaching of the historical and basic pillars of Islam to students in Volusia County."

The Broward/Palm Beach New Times notes that the textbook in question is “Prentice Hall World History.”

Sources: WFTV, Broward/Palm Beach New Times


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