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Parents Hear of Son’s Death Via Boarding School’s Website

Christopher and Lisa Avery-Wright, parents of William Wright, were on their way to visit their son at the hospital after hearing news that he had been injured in an accident. More specifically, they had been told that their son was knocked down by a Range Rover as he crossed a road to the sports fields, according to the UK’s Express.

William was a student at £30,000-a-year Worth School in Sussex.

On their way, the Wrights began to experience an onslaught of phone calls gushing with unexpected condolences. The school’s website, apparently, had already gone ahead and pronounced William dead.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. The school is praying for the repose of William’s soul and for his parents. May they receive comfort in the certain knowledge that William is at peace with Christ,” the William Wright-dedicated page read.

The notice was signed by the school’s headmaster, Gino Carminati, who expressed his great disdain in making the tragic announcement.

William’s parents are furious at receiving such life-altering news in this way. “The school made the decision to post the news on its website almost immediately – before William’s body had even been formally identified,” says Avery-Wright. “So many people read about it on Facebook and Christopher was flooded with messages, emails and texts.” 

The horrified couple is now pressing charges against Carminati and pushing for his resignation.

No matter the outcome of the lawsuit, explains the Inquisitr, Avery-Wright says she and her husband would be happy to not “receive a penny” if the Worth School would just admit that it had made a huge mistake. “We believe it is only fair someone should stand up and be counted,” she explains.

“You do not expect your child to go to school, but not come home. That is why we feel the school have to take some responsibility ... We trusted them to look after William.”

The Sussex Police have announced no criminal charges will be bought neither against the school, nor the driver of the vehicle in question, notes the Express.

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