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Pakistani Woman Just Barely Survives "Honor Killing" At The Hands Of Her Family (Photos, Video)

An 18-year-old Pakistani woman just barely survived being shot and thrown into a canal by members of her family for marrying the man she loves.

Saba Maqsood was attacked by her father, brother and aunt, and after she was shot, they dumped her body in a canal. Miraculously, Maqsood survived what police are calling another example of an “honor killing” in the region.

“It is an honor-related incident," said police official Ali Akbar. "The victim, Saba ... married her neighbor Muhammad Qaiser for love five days ago against the wishes of her family. They took her to Hafizabad, shot her twice and threw her in the canal after putting her in a sack, presuming that she was dead.”

Although Maqsood was presumed dead, she actually managed to climb to shore once her family fled the scene.

“She is a brave girl,” said Akbar. “She came out of the canal and approached a nearby fuel station from where a rescue team rushed her to hospital.”

Arranged marriages are a common part of the regional culture and in the Muslim religion in general, so “honor killings” usually happen when a woman refuses the commitment. This most recent incident comes just weeks after another “honor killing” in which a pregnant woman was stoned to death in broad daylight by family members for marrying another man despite being engaged to her cousin.

Police say they raided Maqsood’s father’s home in an attempt to arrest him and the other assailants, but they had all fled by the time the officers arrived.

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