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Outrage At TV News For Showing Cross In Wildfire (Video)

Some religious folks are outraged because of TV news video (below) of the Blue Cut Fire that engulfed a Christian cross in the Cajon Pass, an area in Southern California that connects San Bernardino to Victorville, on Aug. 16.

The inferno has consumed an alarming 1,500 acres in one day, closed parts of Highway 138 and Interstate 15, and required forced evacuations, notes The Associated Press.

The Friendly Atheist notes that some expressed their upset feelings on the Bakersfield Now Facebook page, which posted the fire/cross footage from Los Angeles news station KABC:

"ouch on the artistic view of the fire. I am trying to decide if the burning cross was meant to be an insult or a warning. Just saying the image made the story impossible to listen to."

"Really? You focus on a burning cross? Boy the media really hates god i guess."

"Why would you show that burning."

In response to the outrage, Bakersfield Now commented on its Facebook page: "Let us be clear about something: We posted this video because it shows the power of this raging wildfire. It's the shot that was available to us to take live during our noon newscast. This video in no way should be seen as political or religious commentary."

Some of the responses to that disclaimer included:

"Soooooo funny that you need to explain yourselves."

"Reading too much between the frames & pixels, they are, I say. Don't budge, you didn't do anything wrong & I am sure you don't hate any God."

"Too late. Some delicate young things already took it that way. And now their delicate sensibilities are offended. And it will be your fault, no matter what you do, because the onus is on the world to conform to their delicate sensibilities."

"if you wanted ratings excellent job on getting emotions stirred if you wanted the story heard perhaps you might have chosen a different image or none at all. In art and media it is important to find the right balance imo."

Sources: Friendly Atheist, Bakersfield Now/Facebook, The Associated Press via ABC News / Photo credit: KABC via YouTube

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