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Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Muslim Prayer Room

The Orlando International Airport recently announced that it will be spending $250,000 to open a new prayer room, which will be available for all international travelers, but is tailored for the Muslim population.

The Florida airport made its announcement because Emirates Airlines is planning to make non-stop flights from Orlando to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Muslims traditionally pray five times a day in the direction of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

“So they aren’t having to, if it is the case, kneel on bathroom floors or in corners so they have the reflective time,” Carolyn Fennell, the airport's director of public affairs, told

The Emirates Airlines flights and this new “Reflection Room” will be available on Sept. 1.

The airport already has a non-denomination chapel where prayer rugs are available, notes However, describes this as a "chapel" and reports that an "interdenominational chapel" will open in the future.

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