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Only God's Vote Matters, Not Voters, Says Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert (Video)

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert (R) spoke at the "10th Anniversary Faith2Action Banquet" earlier this month where he boasted about not representing the 80,000+ voters in his district, but rather voting the way God wants him to vote.

According to The New York Times, Rapert was responsible for state's "Heartbeat Bill" being passed over the veto of Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe, who said at the time: "Senate Bill 134 blatantly contradicts the United States Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court."

The law bans abortions after 12 weeks, excluding cases of the life of the mother, rape and incest.

"There's only one vote that matters in my life. Unfortunately it's not the 83, 85 thousand people in my district. There's only one vote that matters and that's when I stand before the Lord at the judgment seat," said Rapert, noted (video below).

"It's more important to do what is right by God than it is to please those that would rather have me talk about pro-life, but not really do much about pro-life."

Rapert also claimed that pro-choice demonstrators in Texas sounded like demons.

"I've never had a glimpse of Hell or heard a real demon, but I believe that must be what they sound like. I couldn't believe it. It's spiritual warfare," claimed Rapert.

Rapert failed to mention the Texas abortion law does not allow exceptions for rape or incest afte 20 weeks.

Source: and The New York Times


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