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LOS ANGELES, CA -- One dating site has made a name for itself as the place to meet single virgins, and now it is changing that name to The site, formerly known as, is open to any virgin 18 years of age or older.

While minors cannot become members, the site's home page reinforces the importance of teens maintaining their virginity. Research is cited showing a correlation between sexually active teens and struggles later on in life. Other research points to drug and alcohol use among sexually active teens.

"Single virgins view our site as a safe place to meet other like-minded singles," said Lety Colin, who founded the site with her husband, Jose. "That's because we use a reliable screening process."

Jose Colin explained that all profiles are screened, and the basic information provided by potential members is independently verified. "We figure if someone is not honest about themselves, they may not be honest regarding their status as a virgin."

The Colins themselves were virgins when they married. They say it strengthens their bond as husband and wife. They believe strongly in virginity before marriage - and in their website.

" is more than just an online meeting place," said Lety. "We offer our members articles, advice and a forum where they can take comfort in the fact that there are many others out there with the same values."

Articles such as "How to Kiss" are geared toward those who may be new to the dating scene. And a blog post on the site titled "Shy Virgins" drew several responses. "I am so glad that there is finally a website for people like me," wrote one member. "Being so alone was starting to get to me, but this has given me hope," wrote another.

In a recent TV report on Fox News, site members were interviewed and shared their perspectives as single virgins. One member said her choice is not only a religious one but a practical one, considering the possible consequences of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. The complete story is available at continues to offer free Standard Memberships to all virgin applicants. Silver and Platinum Memberships, with increased site privileges, are available.


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