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On Draw Muhammad Day

There’s been a lot of talk about Draw Muhammad Day recently, including some attacks on yours truly for supporting and participating in it. Their main accusation is that I am making enemies, when I should be trying to make friends.

I gotta tell you my email is NOT flooded with letters from peace-loving Muslims who want to make friends, and who disavow censorship even if they are the object of offensive speech (like most atheists are). Peace-loving Muslims who want nothing more than to live in a free society where ideas are exchanged freely are NOT rallying in the streets now, standing up for anyone’s rights. In fact, they are nowhere to be seen or heard. Doesn’t anyone have a problem with that? Where are the “Muslims for freedom” rallies?

I guess Revolution Muslim is all alone — they’re the only ones? Plus the NY terrorist — he was alone? I guess the students who erupted in violence “by the dozen” after a teacher showed a drawing in class are the only ones too?

No, people, they are not. There are many who truly intend to make this whole world a theocracy, and those who wish to make friends with those who would not lift a finger to stop it are merely helping the fundamentalists’ cause. As we saw on South Park, and heard from my warm-and-fuzzy friends, it appears some wish us to roll over and let them win. So we can’t mention Muhammad or show a drawing without fear — does anyone really think it ends there?

I don’t care if the Muslims who sit idly by get offended, because they are sitting idly by, when they should be standing up for freedom, even if it means calling Muhammad a pedophile (which he was).

Draw Muhammad Day is a fun thing to do with the whole family, and I wholeheartedly endorse it. If it makes Muslims uncomfortable, maybe they should consider why they pray to a god that can’t even stomach being drawn, let alone being criticized. Maybe they should consider how barbaric it is that everyone taking part in Draw Muhammad Day is endangering lives, and risking terrorism. Maybe they should consider, just for a moment, that their religion is indeed primitive.



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