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Oklahoma School Districts Threatened With Lawsuit Over Bible Studies Class

Hobby Lobby CEO, Steve Green, has developed a Bible studies course called Museum of the Bible Curriculum. It is intended that the curriculum will soon be taught in schools under the control of the Mustang, Oklahoma school district. However, activist organization, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), has other plans. The organization has issued warning letters to school boards across Oklahoma threating to sue if Green’s Bible curriculum is taught.

The FFRF claims its purpose is to “promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism,” as stated on its website. Contents of the letter sent to Oklahoma school boards claim that Green's curriculum, "did not teach about the bible, but preached from the bible" and [Green] has developed a bible curriculum that crosses the line,” according to News 9.

“An organization such as this really has no place telling a public school district in Oklahoma what to teach and what not to teach,” Minco Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Sims tells News 9. Ultimately the final decision on whether to teach Green’s Bible curriculum will be up to the school board.

The FFRF was most recently in the news when it demanded that the Brookville, Indiana Christmas nativity scene, which is set up near the Franklin County Courthouse, be removed. The issue according to a staff attorney for the FFRF is one of separation of church and state. "FFRF has no problem with religious displays on private property. It's only when the government is endorsing a religious message as is the case here that they are violating the constitution” as reported by Fox 19 News.

Sources: FFRF, News 9, Fox 19 News

Photo: Wikimedia


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