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Oklahoma Residents Hit By Tornado, Believe God Left Telephone Pole 'Cross'

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency in 25 counties hit by storms and tornadoes.

One person was killed and several others were injured, reported Associated Press. Tens of thousands of Oklahoma residents were without electricity on March 26.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa were hit by tornadoes on March 25, but a young man named Chase Rhodes has given people hope, notes KFOR.

Rhodes took a picture of a broken power pole, which formed the shape of a cross, and posted it on Twitter with the caption: "Just found this after the tornado. God is with us."

The picture went viral and was posted by Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on its Facebook page, where it has found support and mockery from commenters.

Sources: Associated Press, KFOR, Twitter, Facebook / Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot


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