Oklahoma Pastor Compares Gay Marriage to Nazi Germany, Slavery (Audio)


Pastor Paul Blair, of the Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Okla., joined Family Research Council (FRC) head Tony Perkins on the FRC's radio show "Washington Watch" yesterday to discuss a federal judge's' recent ruling that Oklahoma's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.

According to RightWingWatch.org, Pastor Blair compared the fight against gay marriage to opposing slavery and Nazi Germany (audio below).

Pastor Blair also claimed that pastors would be forced to hire homosexuals in the future, but did not cite any evidence.

"Ultimately, this will be forced upon pastors and our hiring practices and any Christian business within the state of Oklahoma," stated Pastor Blair. "It’s up to us now to decide that along with our forefather pastors, 'resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.'”

"It’s time for us to stand with men like Charles Finney in opposition to slavery and with Dietrich Bonhoeffer to opposition to totalitarian government in Germany, we’re facing much the same thing," claimed Pastor Blair.

"The answer really is simple, if we will just adhere to what the rule of law is, the Declaration and the Constitution are very clear. If we follow the rules, this union would function beautifully, unfortunately, we haven’t followed the rules in almost seventy-five years," added Pastor Blair.

However, 75 years ago, in 1939, Jim Crow laws were in effect and black people had few rights.

Pastor Blair also opposed an Oklahoma City law in 2011 that prevented gays and lesbians from being fired because of their sexual orientation.

"Why not provide a special class of protection for adulterers or a special class of protection for those that are addicted to Internet pornography?" Pastor Blair stated at the time.

Because of his opposition, Pastor Blair claims he got death threats.

"There were several threats," Pastor Blair told The Huffington Post. "We just let them go to voice mail so we could have a record of them. The calls continued to get louder and the caller's anger continued to increase."

Sources: RightWingWatch.org and The Huffington Post


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