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Oklahoma City Police: Man Attacks Another Man Over Religious Differences

An Oklahoma City man is in jail after being accused of physically assaulting another man over religious beliefs.

A fight broke out between the two men, one a Muslim, the other a Christian, and it involved a knife and a baseball bat, Oklahoma City police say.

According to, the victim, Jerome Bullock, says the dispute started because the suspect, Jimmy Stepney, claimed it was okay to behead people.

They were watching a news story over the weekend about the recent Islamic State beheading.

“He said that he thinks they should be cutting white people’s heads off,” Bullock’s mother, Diane Range, said.

“I thought he was in there threatening my wife basically because she's white,” Bullock told KOKH FOX25.

Bullock says when Stepney started quoting scripture from the Quran he asked him to leave his house, where the suspect had been staying as a guest.

Stepney returned armed with a knife on Monday.

“He said, 'You’re going to die tonight,' and he hit me in the face,” said Bullock.

“The fight was on. I hit him with my bat,” said the victim’s mother. “I was hitting him and hitting him.”

Stepney was arrested by police a few blocks away and Bullock suffered only minor injuries.

The victim and his family say they have little knowledge of Islam, but they do know what the suspect said is not the word of God.

Bullock told Fox 25 that even though Stepney claims to be a Muslim, he never saw him reading the Quran. The suspect remains behind bars, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

Sources: KFOR.comKOKH FOX25 / Image Credit: Muhammad Ghouri/Flickr


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