Oklahoma City Man Blames 'Homosexual Demon' For Covering Himself In Blood, Burning Bible


An Oklahoma City man is in jail today after he set a Bible on fire in his apartment, smashed nearly all of his furniture, and covered his face and walls in his own blood. When police asked him to explain the situation, the man claimed he met someone “possessed by a homosexual demon” who made him do it all.

The man is 22-year-old Jeremy Anderson. Police arrived at Anderson’s house after receiving reports of “a person going ballistic.”

When Oklahoma City police arrived at the apartment, they found Anderson covered in blood and screaming on his front porch. His door was ripped from its hinges, and the walls of his apartment were dripping with bleach and blood. As officers approached Anderson, he went inside his apartment and began throwing furniture and glass objects out his windows.

Officers tried to reason with Anderson, but, not surprisingly, their efforts were fruitless. One officer tased Anderson, but the crazed man pulled the probes out and challenged officers to a fist fight.

Once inside Anderson’s apartment, officers saw a fire apparently fueled in some part by a burning bible. Smoke filled the apartment, and officers eventually restrained Anderson and dragged him out of the apartment.

When they asked Anderson what was going on, he said he met a “possessed homosexual demon” who wanted drugs from him and performed sexual acts on him.  Anderson insisted that “he wasn’t gay, just high,” and that he was disgusted at himself for letting the “male demon” touch him.

After he came to his senses, relatively speaking, at least, Anderson claimed he was “just remodeling his home.” He is now being held on $10,000 bond at the Oklahoma County Jail and facing first-degree arson charges.

It seems to me like he should be in a mental institution, not jail. 

Sources: Gawker, KFOR


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