On the Offensive Against Homegrown Islamic Terrorists


SAN DIEGO, CA -- The much-awaited Congressional 9/11 Report Card confirms that homegrown terrorists are playing increasingly prominent roles within Al Qaeda and are threatening more deadly attacks from within the U.S. by radicalizing Muslim-American teens. 

So the Defend Our Students Campaign, which tells high school students the truth about Islam and Muhammad, will begin on September 6 in the lead up to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. The campaign will begin in California, but will be carried across the US during the school year.

"Our politically correct public schools refuse to tell the truth even while seditious mosques recruit young people and turn them against America. Now we are forced to intervene to defend our students and nation. Our young people must be inoculated from the lies of Islam by telling them the unvarnished truth about the murderous history of Islam, patterned after the vicious life of Muhammad," said Dr. Gary Cass of DefendStudents.Org

Steve Klein of Concern Citizens for the First Amendment, who will be participating in the campaign, adds, "We will go directly to the high schools closest to mosques with known links to terrorism and peacefully distribute flyers. We must force our communities to confront the hard truth about the threat of Islam in our midst. Recent homegrown Islamic terrorist attacks at Ft. Hood, Little Rock and Times Square are just the beginning. We have to cut off the ability of Muslims to recruit by exposing the truth about Islam to the next generation."

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