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Oberlin Student Posts Anti-Islam Flyers, Nazi Flag Hoping to Get An ‘Over-Reaction’

A student at Oberlin College in Ohio admitted to posting anti-Islamic flyers and racist cards on campus. After being caught by campus security, he said it was a joke and he was hoping to provoke an “over-reaction” from school officials.

The unidentified student also admitted to putting up a large Nazi flag and a picture of Hitler with the face of Oberlin College president Dr. Marvin Krislov stuck to it, according to the Oberlin city police report.

Krislov, who is Jewish, said in March that the incidents of hate-graffiti on campus were unsettling. He said the acts were “work of a small group of people who are clearly cowardly.”

“It’s been very personally upsetting,” Krislov said March 4. “Some things have taken aim at me because of my religion. I clearly abhor these expressions of bigotry.”

"I put out these fliers to get a similar over-reaction to prove this point," the student said, according to the report.

In February, a Black History month poster was defaced and a sign reading “White Only” was posted over a water fountain. In March, Oberlin classes were canceled because of a report that someone wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe had entered the campus.

“You had fliers with threats of violence and hate speech and rape that are being posted on doors and in hallways and on mailboxes,” said Oberlin spokesman Scott Wargo. “It didn't make it less real for those who had to endure it firsthand, and creating an atmosphere where people are afraid and feel threatened — it isn't a joke.”

The student said people have posted racist flyers in the past and people overreact to them. He said it was his intention to recreate that reaction. 

He was nabbed after he was seen posting anti-Islam flyers in February. A friend who was tagging along is also facing disciplinary action, Wargo said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Cleveland Jewish News, Fox News


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