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Obama's Support of Religious Freedom is 'Ultimate Disrespect' Says Rep. Steve Southerland (Audio)

President Barack Obama has been vilified for years by Republicans and conservatives for supposedly not supporting freedom of religion.

However, now Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla., is furious that Obama defended religious freedom (as he has many times before) at the recent National Prayer Breakfast.

According to RightWing, Southerland told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on "Washington Watch" last week (audio below) that he was angry over how Obama would "trivilaize our deeply held beliefs by making statements that are so contrary to his actions and those of his administration."

"It’s the ultimate disrespect," said Southerland. "I'm kinda stunned that I'm hearing ... I'm shocked."

In 2013, Southerland demonstrated his religiosity by leading House Republicans in the singing of "Amazing Grace" before they voted to derail a Senate solution to the U.S. government shutdown, which left many Americans without paychecks and some government services, noted The Washington Post.

The Hill notes that Southerland is supported by Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots front group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers, which recently paid for a $150,000 ad campaign for the congressman.

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