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Obamacare is 'Killing People,' Warns Pat Robertson (Video)

700 Club host Pat Robertson warned his viewers about Obamacare today, but also revealed he doesn't understand it.

During his show today, an uninsured 50-year-old viewer asked Robertson what she should do about Obamacare.

The viewer expressed fear about putting her "information on the Internet" and what the "government will do with that information," noted (video below).

Of course, Obamacare doesn't actually hold private medical information, but rather directs users to various health care plans offered by private insurance companies.

“The government is requiring doctors to put their various records electronically as opposed to in paper and then they will in turn probably be made available on the Internet, it’s terrible to think that they’re doing, these bureaucrats are killing people,” claimed Robertson. “But there are ways out, there’s a number you can call, it’s 1-800-318-2596.”

Robertson failed to mention that his friend President George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act in 2001, which gave the federal government access to everyone's medical records without a warrant, reported the ACLU way back in 2003.

“I’m sure you can find a private insurer that isn’t associated with Obamacare," added Robertson. "This thing is a disaster, I want to tell everybody, it is a disaster, they have disrupted the entire health care delivery system of the United States of America and they’re getting in exchange for that 2-3 million uninsured people who are signing up and there are hundreds of millions of people at risk, it’s a horrible thing.”

In reality, Obamacare has signed up 7.1 million people and allows another 3 million young people to stay on their parents' insurance, noted

Robertson provided no evidence that "hundreds of millions of people" are at risk.

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