Obama Won't Prosecute for Child Pornography, Claims Christian Historian (Audio)


Debunked ChristianhistorianDavid Barton falsely claimed today that the Obama administration would not prosecute people who violate child pornography laws.

"When it comes down to children, we've always said, 'No, that's a line you don't cross.' And yet it is now being crossed in this nation on a regular basis," Barton claimed on his WallBuilders radio show, noted RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

"The Obama administration has refused to prosecute any child pornography, which is, again, sex between children and adults. Under federal law it is absolutely a crime, but they have refused to prosecute any of it."

Barton made the same false claim back in 2011, reported RightWingWatch.org, even though The Denver Post reported that "child porn prosecutions" were "soaring" in the United States that same year.

More recently, the FBI announced six indictments and prison sentences for child porn in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Illinois.

Sources: FBI.gov, The Denver Post, RightWingWatch.org


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