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Obama Shares Laugh with Rep. Louie Gohmert, Who Demonizes Him (Video)

President Obama spoke this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. where he shared a laugh with one of his biggest haters, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

Rep. Gohmert has accused President Obama of "allowing evil people to take over the world,”"stirring up racial tension and violence," and going "to war with Christianity."

According to Wonkette, Rep. Gohmert has also supports impeaching President Obama.

But it was all smiles and laughter this morning (video below), when President Obama joked: "I, by the way, have always found Louie to be unbelievably gracious every time I've see him... Now, I don't watch TV."

Rep. Gohmert smiled and laughed heartily, notes

The Christian Post reports that President Obama mentioned "freedom of religion" (again), which many right wing Christians claim he never says.

"Central to that dignity is freedom of religion, the right of every person to practice their faith how they choose, to change their faith if they choose, or to practice no faith at all, and to do this free from persecution and fear," stated Obama.

"Promoting religious freedom is a key objective of U.S. foreign policy, and I'm proud that no nation on Earth does more to stand up for the freedom of religion around the world than the United States of America," added Obama.

Obama also mentioned his own Christian faith, which many conservatives have claimed doesn't exist.

Obama said that he began going to churches in Chicago to help those in poverty, which led him to the Christian faith.

"I'm grateful not only because I'm broke and the Church fed me," said Obama, "but because it led me to everything else. It led me to embrace Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior."

Sources: Wonkette,, The Christian Post


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