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Obama 'May Have Made a Deal With Muslim Brotherhood' Claims Pat Robertson (Video)

During this morning's 700 Club, host Pat Robertson interviewed Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reporter Raymond Ibrahim, who repeated an unfounded claim from the Egyptian press that “Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood” and "Obama and the United States government are very much cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood."

“Everyone is convinced this is a conspiracy, you can’t help but wonder, of course it is, because why is the Obama administration so adamant about helping this organization?” Ibrahim said, notes (video below).

Robertson, who has attacked Obama numerous times, added: “It's shocking to think Obama may have made a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and if that's the case, it is appalling, simply appalling. Ladies and gentleman, this stuff is going to come out, and we’ve got a president, you wonder about where he is coming from, but it's clear the administration ... has come down on the side of the some kind of reasonable association with the Brotherhood."

Robertson did not present any proof of his claim, nor did Robertson mention his own ties to former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, which reportedly included a gold deal. Robertson made public statements in support of the brutal warlord in 2003, noted ABC News.

Taylor was found guilty in a world court in 2012 for acts of terrorism, murder, rape, sexual slavery and using children as part of his violent army.

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