North Carolina Town To Consider 'In God We Trust' Motto For Government Building


A North Carolina town council is set to hear a presentation on adding the slogan “In God We Trust” to its town hall building.

A representative of a Davidson County-based group called the U.S. Motto Action Committee first brought the matter up during an April 6 meeting with Mayor Elbert Richardson of Troutman, North Carolina. Richardson, however, noted that he didn’t have a lot of details about the project, especially in relation to funding.

Last month, council members noted that they were not in favor of the project, especially if Troutman taxpayers were going to be responsible for any related costs.

The U.S. Motto Action Committee has propositioned several county and municipal government bodies in North Carolina and hopes to place the phrase, which is the official U.S. coinage motto, on all 100 county government buildings.

Currently, the Iredell County government in downtown Statesville has the motto above its entrance; the placement was the work of the committee. In McDowell County, the third county in North Carolina to adopt the logo on their buildings, Board of Commissioners Chairman David Walker noted that the addition reaffirms the Founding Fathers' beliefs. 

"We did this to reaffirm what our Founding Fathers affirmed and that is our national motto is 'In God We Trust,'" Walker said.

Others have argued against the addition of the motto.

"Placing large signs reading 'In God We Trust' on government buildings promotes religion to a substantially greater extent than does the historical practice of merely allowing the phrase to appear on coins in small type," said Alex Luchenitser, associate legal director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. 

On Thursday, the town council will hear the committee’s presentation on adding the motto to other buildings. 

Sources: Statesville, Christian Post

Photo Credit: ABC News 9


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