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North Carolina County Building To Feature "In God We Trust" Lettering

North Carolina government building in Polk County will soon prominently feature the words "In God We Trust," with potentially more buildings to also display the national motto, according to the Tryon Daily Bulletin.

Polk County Commissioners recently approved the U.S. Motto Action Committee’s request to install the lettering over the county’s Justice and Administration Building. The decision reportedly was unanimous.

In his presentation to commissioners, Rick Lanier, the co-founder and vice chairman of the US Motto Action Committee, explained, “This is an invitation to join the growing list of cities and counties that are ‘voting yes’ to proudly and prominently displaying our national motto, In God We Trust, in and on their governmental buildings,” reports the Tryon Daily Bulletin.

According to Lanier, his organization's request has yet to be turned down by any county or town hall in North Carolina.

“Displaying the motto gives ceremonial honor to public occasions and expresses confidence in our society,” Lanier stated, reports The Tryon Daily Bulletin. “These words have been used on US currency since 1864. . . On July 30, 1956, during the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration, the U.S. Congress adopted ‘In God We Trust’ as the official national motto of the United States of America. Thus, displaying our motto is a legal right, protected by the first amendment.”

The lettering will be placed on the county’s Justice and Administration Building, known as the Womack building, and potentially the courthouse. However, the county must research if the lettering would impact the historical designation of the courthouse, documents The Tryon Daily Bulletin.

The motto “In God We Trust” is popping up in other places around the country. In Missouri, Sheriff Doug Rader placed decals of the phrase on the back of county patrol cars. While Rader posted a picture of the cars along with the caption, "There has been no better time than now to proudly display our National Motto!" on his Facebook page, not everyone is happy with the decision.

"You want tyranny of the majority go to Iran or someplace like it. America was founded as a secular nation. Believe what you want but don't push whatever god you believe in on the public," commenter Bill Dunn stated, reports

Sources: Tryon Daily Bulletin, / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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