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No Muslim Should Ever be a Republican

I've noted a few times the inherent contradiction, in my view, in Muslims identifying as Republican in today's political climate. Not because there aren't areas of overlap for practicing Muslims with certain conservative principles the Republican platform traditionally supports, but more because of the increasingly mainstream anti-Islam and anti-Muslim views espoused not just by GOP rank-and-filers, but party leaders and elites (including, in some shape or form, every one of the leading presidential contenders). As I said in August of '10 (in my first Huffington Post pickup, FYI):

How much more of this stuff do you have to see? After years of systematic marginalization, after the bastardized transitive property that saw Obama labeled as a Muslim and thus intrinsically evil, is the ginned-up Cordoba Controversy that the GOP has cynically run with -- and the rampant Islamophobia that's followed in its wake -- enough to finally convince you that the Republican Party's so-called "Big Tent" doesn't have very much room for you?

Well, in yet another example of how the Big Tent stretches only so far, we have this vid from The Daily Show chronicling one Muslim Republican's windmill-tilting crusade in Florida to proudly brandish his party credentials -- whether they like it or not. I actually followed this story when it was first happened last fall, and even then I thought it was tailor-made for the Daily Show treatment, so this one's been a long time coming for me:

The Daily Show
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