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No Global Warming in 16 Years, Claims Christian Historian David Barton (Video)

DebunkedChristianhistorian David Barton's latest crusade has been fighting Common Core standards from entering the public schools in America.

Barton recently gave an interview in Oklahoma (video below) where he claimed that the Common Core curriculum is indoctrinating students by teaching them global warming science.

Barton insisted that global warming happens naturally and hasn't actually happened in 16 years, noted

The "no global warming in 16 years" claim was created by climate denier David Rose, who wrote an article in the Daily Mailthat included a graph from 1997 to 2012, the magical "16 years," where the global temperature fluctuates, but does not show a significant increase.

But Rose didn't show all the data, from 1975 to 2012, which does prove a significant increase in global warming, noted The Slate.

Like Rose, Barton used the same parlor trick when giving his "advice" against Common Core.

"Once you get into the content of the [Common Core] standards, you find that it is heavy indoctrination. For example, in the math area they tell you what things to teach, but they only give you a single example and the math you have to calculate deals with global warming. We haven't had global warming in 16 years," claimed Barton.

"So why are we indoctrinating kids with a view of anthropogenic global warming? Now, Global warming occurs, but we haven't had it in 16 years. But anthropogenic? That hasn't been proved at all, not by a long shot. Anthropogenic means man-caused global warming.  I mean, we've got cycles, you bet.  That's why we have averages.  That's why in Texas we go from summers of 70 degrees to summers of a 120 degrees. I mean, it's averages," added Barton.

Actually, a study came out in May stating that 97 percent of reports on climate change agree that it is man-made, noted The Slate.

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