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'No Gays Allowed' Pastor Sells Anti-Gay Merchandise (Video)

Pastor Jeff Amyx made news in July when he put a "No Gays Allowed” sign inside his hardware store in Washburn, Tennessee. Now, he is selling anti-gay hats and bumper stickers (video below).

Amyx told WATE that he doesn't want any part of the gay lifestyle, which he eagerly markets in a derogatory manner because of customer demand.

His bumper stickers say, “Choose God or Gays,” while his hats state, "No Gays Allowed.”

“This is definitely hurtful," Gwen Schablik, of the Tennessee Equality Project, countered. "The fact that he is selling merchandise that is saying 'Choose God or Gays,' it doesn’t really help those who are Christian and identify as LGBT such as myself.”

Amyx claims he has sold out of his hats and bumper stickers, but is having more shipped in, and may start doing shirts next.

While it may sound illegal for Amyx not to allow gay people into his store, reported in July that there is not a statewide law banning LGTB discrimination in this manner in Tennessee.

Sources: WATE, / Photo Credit: WATE Screenshot


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