N.J. Attorney General Says NYPD Surveillance of N.J. Muslims was Legal

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New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said on Thursday that the New York City police did not violate New Jersey laws when they conducted surveillance of Muslim communities within New Jersey, reports the Associated Press.

The NYPD reportedly gathered information on cab drivers, street food vendors, ethnic book stores, Internet cafes and mosques, all without any evidence of wrongdoing.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) had described reports of NYPD surveillance in his state as “disturbing.”

Three months ago, New Jersey Attorney General Chiesa launched a probe to determine if any New Jersey state laws had been broken.

Unlike the FBI, which is prohibited from conducting surveillance without prior evidence of wrongdoing, the NYPD is unrestricted.

Muslim leaders are upset by the findings and are considering a federal civil rights lawsuit.


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