Newt Gingrich Attacks TV Show 'GCB' for "Anti-Christian Bigotry"

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Speaking to a crowd in Gulfport, Mississippi, on Friday, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich attacked a new ABC show called GCB,' which is based on the novel 'Good Christian Bitches.'

The show was originally titled 'Good Christian Bitches' after the book, but then renamed to 'Good Christian Belles' which appeared in several promos, before the final renaming to the non-offensive 'GCB.'

Gingrich said: "Here's to show you the biases of the elite media, look at the new show that's on that has the word 'Christian' in it and I want you to take the exact name, drop out Christian and put in Muslim."

"And ask yourself, is there any network that would have dared to run a show like that and you know the answer is not a one because anti-Christian bigotry is just fine in the entertainment industry, but they have to be very protective of Islam."


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