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New Yorkers Censor Beyoncé's H&M Ad

On a daily basis, an ad for retail clothing store H&M featuring Beyonce in a bikini has been covered up by locals in New York City’s Lower East Side.

With many Orthodox Jewish residents in the neighborhood, the bikini-clad Beyonce at the M14A bus stop somehow keeps getting covered in paper and tape day after day. Then, true to form, someone comes along and rips the stuff off only for it to reappear shortly after.

“There is a billboard of Beyoncé at the bus stop at grand and Columbia – one of the H&M ones of her in a bikini. Every day someone tapes a cover over it, now it is opaque sheeting and every day people rip it down,” a source told “You can see what is left of yesterday as the white covering at the bottom of the ad. We suspect the same modesty war that exists in Williamsburg but it is daily now.”

Calling it a “modesty war,” similar ongoing struggles have ensued in Brooklyn where Hasidic and modern communities meet. In 2010 bicyclist-hipsters and Hasidic Jews met in Williamsburg to discuss bike lanes, which the ultra-Orthodox did not want in their neighborhood citing it led to immodest, scantily women on bikes passing through their community. No real compromise was ever been reached, but it appears the issue was dropped.

Last summer an ultra-orthordox owned businesses in Williamsburg posted dress codes forbidding women from wearing shorts and sleeveless or low-cut tops in the store.

This isn’t the first time H&M has faced modesty issues with an advertisement. In 2011, H&M digitally altered an ad of a sleeveless Gisele before it was run in Dubai.

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