New Texas Specialty License Plates Will Now Include The Motto 'In God We Trust'

A ceremony for the signing of HB 315 issuing “In God We Trust” specialty license plates recently took place in Austin, Texas. Rep. Richard Pena Raymond, chairman of the House Committee on Human Services, was at the ceremony where Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed it into law. Proceeds from the sale of the plates will support the Texas Veterans Commission.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will now design and issue the special plates with the national motto, "In God We Trust" on them. After administrative costs, all other revenue from the sale of the specialty plates will be donated to the Texas Veterans Commission, which acts as the official advocate for Texas Veterans seeking their rightfully earned benefits, reported KGNS.

Raymond wrote the bill with co-authors Reps. Cindy Burkett and Stuart Spitzer.

Raymond expressed his gratitude for the ceremony, thanking Abbot and explaining the importance of the recently passed bill.

“I passed this bill for two reasons: it would allow Texans to display our national motto and their belief in God in a meaningful way and it would help Veterans who have fought so many wars to protect our rights to those beliefs,” Raymond said.

The fiscal notes from Texas Public Policy Action state that the two-year net impact to general revenue related funds for the bill is estimated to be a positive impact of $11,800 through the two years ending Aug. 31, 2017.

Raymond passed another bill regarding the national motto, in 2007, which put the phrase in the House of Representatives Chamber. "I believe it's important to never forget that this simple phrase is so powerful, because it brings people together and reminds us of our common purpose," Raymond said, reported KGNS.

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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