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New Scouting Group Won't Allow 'Loud and Proud' Gay Scouts (Audio)

Earlier this year, conservative Christian lawyer and former Boy Scout John Stemberger was a very loud opponent of allowing openly-gay scouts in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

Despite Stemberger's numerous radio and TV appearances, the BSA voted to allow gay scouts earlier this year.

Now, Stemberger and other conservatives are preparing to launch a new scouting group in January 2014 in which scouts will not be allowed to be openly gay.

Appearing on "Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour" this past week, Stemberger said that the "loud and proud nonsense" would not be allowed in his scouting organization, noted (audio below).

“If there is a young man who we find out or confesses to a leader, in the context that these are Christian men, that they have a same-sex attraction, we will deal with that as a ministry issue. We will point them to the scripture, point them to the standard of our membership oath and to the scripture and to help them through that," said Stemberger.

“However, we will not tolerate under any circumstances any kind of flaunting, any kind of outward loud and proud nonsense, all of that that encompasses gay activism, the promotion of the gay agenda, will absolutely not be tolerated in the program. That’s a huge difference because the BSA will have that, that’s exactly what they are inviting when they allow open and avowed [gay] youth."




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