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New Mexico Shooter Nehemiah Griego Went to Church After Killing Family

New Mexico teen Nehemiah Griego, who confessed to police that he killed all five members of his immediate family including his pastor father, went to the church where his father used to preach after the killings, according to The Huffington Post. The 15-year-old went to Calvary Albuquerque and wandered the church’s campus until news about the shooting began to leak in and church officials realized there might be a problem.

Former police officer and Calvary Albuquerque security chief Vince Harrison ended up calling the police and drove Griego back to the scene of the crime. There are still many questions about the case, including whether Griego had planned to go to a local Walmart to continue his killing spree. It is also unclear why he went to the church.

Harrison has a theory: "It was a familiar place to him," he said."I think if he did have in his mindset to do something foolish and start shooting people there also, I think his demeanor was tamed a little bit because he saw people there he knew."

Griego is charged with murder and child abuse in the deaths of his family members. New facts about the case seem to be emerging every day and Griego’s attorney, public defender Jeff Buckels, believes that the way information is being leaked is unfairly damaging his client’s chances of getting a fair shake.

When talked about the way the sheriff’s department has been details of the case he said, "This has led directly to a multitude of sensational headlines that threaten to finish Nehemiah's case in the public mind before it has fairly begun.”


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