New Jersey Teen Threatens to Kill Jews, Will Not Be Charged

A New Jersey state police officer’s teenage daughter will not be criminally charged after threatening to bomb popular Jewish neighborhoods and dressing up as Adolf Hitler.

The teen, who due to her age was unidentified, recently tweeted a picture of Orthodox Jewish families outside of a popular ice cream store in Jackson, New Jersey with a caption that stated “perfect bombingtime.” She has also posted several pictures of herself dressed as the notorious Nazi leader, including the mustache, swastikas, and salute, with another caption that read “Just glad I’m not Anne Frank.”

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office thought the teen’s behavior was irresponsible and offensive, but did not believe she could be criminally charged over her photos and statements.

“There was never any danger being posed to the community,” stated Al Della Fave, the office’s spokesman. “It didn’t rise to anything criminal.”

In addition to the teen’s actions, there has also been controversy over whether she was given special treatment by prosecutors, due to her father’s position as a state trooper. Della Fave disagreed with the idea of that occurring.

“That would not be something that would be a determining factor,” said the spokesman. “That has no bearing on the case.”

A Jewish advocacy organization, Agudath Israel, has also commented on the volatile situation.

“We could comfort ourselves and say that these are just immature teenagers fooling around, but when Hitler becomes another costume that teenagers dress up in, and bombing a group of Jews becomes humorous, that tells us something is very wrong with our society,” said the organization’s director, Avi Schnall.

After media began inquiring about the teen’s actions, her father bluntly stated “You’re talking about a minor. No interviews.”

Sources: app.com, rawstory.com

Photo Credit: twitter.com - @MaleiRikud


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