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New Jersey Teacher Walt Tutka Fired For Giving Student A Bible

A New Jersey substitute teacher was fired after giving a student a Bible to answer a question the student had asked about a verse.

The teacher, Walt Tutka, filed a formal complaint on Wednesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Newark, citing that he was fired because of discrimination and retaliation based on religion.

According to Tutka, after he had quoted a verse from the Bible in class, a student asked about the verse. Tutka said that he then gave a Bible to the student to look at in order for him to find the answer to his question.

Once the Phillipsburg School District Superintendent George Chando found out about the Bible, he recommended the teacher be fired. Tutka gave the Bible to the student in October of 2012 and was fired in January.

This controversy comes as one of many in a slew of incidents involving touchy subjects. All across the United States, teachers and students are getting reprimanded for seemingly harmless interactions involving discussions of religious doctrine or fake guns at school, and even for bringing butter knives to school. These events are likely to spark a greater debate about when schools cross the line for the sake of "protection."

Sources: Christian Science Monitor, PIX11


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