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New Jersey Kids Will Get HIV, Be Molested Because Ex-Gay Therapy is Banned, Claims Christian Radio Host

Christian radio host Linda Harvey recently claimed that HIV would spread in New Jersey and children would fall prey to sexual predators because Governor Chris Christie (R) signed a bill on August 19 that bans licensed therapists from using ex-gay therapy on minors.

Focus on the Family issued a similar dramatic warning through their political arm, Citizen Link, claiming that the new law "was taking away freedoms" by not allowing therapists to practice "reparative therapy," which has been debunked by major medical associations.

In an article for the conspiracy website World Net Daily, Harvey accused Gov. Christie of supporting “the gay-stapo,” even though he vetoed a bill legalizing gay marriage earlier this year, noted

Harvey writes on World Net Daily:

There are only a few reasons why an alleged “conservative” politician supports such fascist left-wing schemes. Perhaps Christie doesn’t really have much of a heart for kids. If 12-year-olds are indoctrinated at school into thinking they are homosexual and end up the victims of advances by HIV-infected predators, maybe the governor is not too concerned,"

If New Jersey HIV incidence relating to homosexual practices continues to rise among youth, perhaps he can point to some other factor. Not his fault.

Sources: World Net Daily,, Citizen Link


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