New Gallup Poll Shows States That Attend Religious Services The Most (Map)


The researchers at Gallup have conducted a new poll aimed at showing the U.S. states and the percentage of their church attendance.

These results were taken from Gallup's Daily interviews which were held in 2014. The research organization was able to gather 177,030 participants throughout the entire country and ask them questions like, "How often do you attend church, synagogue or mosque -- at least once a week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom or never?"

The map reflects the "at least once a week" answer.

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On the top of the list stood the state of Utah. Of all the people polled from the Beehive State, 51 percent said that they attended religious services once a week. 

Coming in second is Mississippi who reported to have 47 percent of their population attending service at least once a week, followed by Alabama and Louisiana with 46 percent each.

It should come as no surprise that many Southern states -- particularly those in the bible belt -- stood on top of the entire country in terms of church attendance, with the lowest residing in the Northeast region of the country. 

For example, only 17 percent of Vermont residents saying they attended religious services. Close to them were New Hampshire and Maine with just 20 percent saying they regularly attended church. 

Source: The Blaze, Gallup Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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