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New Creation Museum Exhibit Claims Dragons Existed

The controversial Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, has added a "Dragon Legends" exhibit, which is supposed to prove that dragons did exist, but were actually dinosaurs.

"There are lots of dragon legends because they were real creatures. We believe many of the dinosaurs would fit some of the descriptions of dragons, the land dragons at least. I've never seen an exhibit like this anywhere else," Dr. Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum told OneNewsNow.

"We have an animatronics scientist there and other high-tech features like a dragon fly fossil. People will be able to download an app and when you put it over it, then the dragon fly comes out of the fossils and you see it three dimensional."

Another upcoming new exhibit is called "Dr. Crawley's Insectarium," which will present different kinds of insects.

"Some of those bugs are as big as your hands," Dr. Ham added. "The quality is just phenomenal. We've done up this fairly large room. It's like an underground bunker, if you will."

The new "Verbum Domini" exhibit will include 20 rare Bibles and Bible-related artifacts, purchased by Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, which opposes health care coverage for its employees, reports

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