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New Christian Film will 'Take Down Evolution' Claims Evangelist Ray Comfort (Video)

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort claims his new film will "take down evolution."

Comfort's film "Evolution vs. God" features interviews with major evolutionary scientists who are pressured to give evidence for Darwinian evolution.

The film is available for purchase at Comfort's web site,, and the trailer is below. For those not wanting to pay for the full flick, it will be available on YouTube in August.

The New Zealand preacher told Glenn Beck's web site The Blaze: "I believe it's going to take down evolution. It exposes it [as] bogus science ... That sounds like a bold claim, but it's true. The movie delivers, and it's not just our claim."

However, Dr. Michael Zimmerman, founder of the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project, responded in The Huffington Post: "Ray seems to have a very warped sense of how science operates, acting as if there are doctrinal texts that control both scientific information and interpretation. No scientific text, in the mind of any scientist, can have the last word on any scientific topic. Even more to the point, scientific knowledge is cumulative and our understanding of every topic, including evolution, increases with each new published work."

Zimmerman said the Clergy Letter Project is a group of more than 13,000 clergy around the United States that believe "a choice does not have to be made between God and evolution."

Comfort has been taunting atheist and evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins on Twitter about the release of his upcoming film. However, Dawkins has been retweeting Comfort's tweets and mocking him.

Comfort has challenged Dawkins to a debate, but Dawkins will only agree to do so if Comfort makes a donation to the Richard Dawkins Foundation, which he has not done.

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