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New App Tells Christians If They Are Walking With God

"Heartpoints" is a new app for iPhones in which Christians can see if they are walking towards heaven or hell.

"Our practical iPhone app introduces a smooth and simple system that allows you to conduct ongoing examination of your thoughts, reactions, and motives throughout the day. Pairing your responses with relevant Scripture verses that match your struggles or triumphs, the app enables you to 'Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation,'" reads the app's description in iTunes.

The app was created by Yed Anikpo, who told The Christian Post that Heartpoints has been downloaded 3,500 times, mostly by women.

The app includes a field to write down your activities. Then you push one of two buttons, one to "Repent" or another to "Give Thanks" (video below).

"Heartpoints is designed to help us capture the stuff that makes up our walk today so that we can examine it and use the information we gather, to inform the rest of our pilgrimage tomorrow," said Anikpo.

Anikpo envisions possible app communities "checking in" with each other and discovering what is "trending" in the church.

Source: The Christian Post and iTunes


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