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Nelson Mandela Was a 'Criminal' Says American Family Association (Audio)

While the world mourned the loss of South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela, who died last week at age 95, the American Family Association (AFA) labeled him a "criminal."

AFA radio host Sandy Rios attacked Mandela last Friday during her Christian broadcast (audio below), notes

Ironically, Rios has always supported the American Revolution against Great Britain, but applied a different standard to Mandela and the repressive South African government that he opposed.

"Nelson Mandela was placed in prison because of the violence that he did in the country of South Africa," claimed Rios. "Now you can argue, I guess, you can say it was worth it because we overthrew apartheid, I don’t know, is that really the way a victory should be won?"

"Is this really a righteous cause?" asked Rios. "Is he really a saint for doing this? They talk about him being in solitary confinement, well, criminals are placed in solitary confinement, if you murder other people you lose your rights."

Rios then claimed that white people are being discriminated against in South Africa, but did not cite any actual proof.

“I don’t think the picture of South Africa as it stands now is what the narrative is, certainly to be a white person in South Africa is not a very fun thing right now,” stated Rios. “I think that they have now obtained suppressing the white population with the black population holding the superior vantage point.”

In reality, the white apartheid government of South Africa accused Mandela in 1962 of inciting workers' strikes and leaving the country without permission. He was found guilty and sentenced to jail for five years.

While still in jail, Mandela and others were charged in 1963 with four counts of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the South African government.

Mandela admitted to the sabotage, but denied he was involved in warfare against the racist government. During his trial, Mandela gave his famous four-hour speech.

Mandela was locked in solitary confinement several times for possessing smuggled news clippings. The jail conditions were so bad that he contracted tuberculosis in 1988.

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