Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse Claims 'Religious Beliefs' Trump US Law

Ben Sasse, a former Bush administration official, won Nebraska's GOP primary yesterday and will be the Republican nominee for the state's U.S. Senate seat, which will be vacated by Sen. Mike Johanns (R), in November.

According to MediaMatters.org, Sassa was endorsed by former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin, conservative radio host Mark Levin and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson. Right wing groups such as FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express and the Family Research Council also endorsed Sasse.

An opponent of Obamacare and federal regulations, Sasse told Omaha.com in 2013, “If [Obamacare] lives, America as we know it will die. If the idea of America is to live, it must be stopped.”

Sasse defeated Republicans Shane Osborn and Sid Dinsdale on Tuesday, even though all three candidates promised to repeal Obamacare, which has been tried (and failed) 51 times by Republicans in Congress.

However, Sasse's viewpoints may be even more conservative and extreme than his opponents' stands.

ThinkProgress.org reports that Sasse's campaign website states, "Ben Sasse believes that our right to the free exercise of religion is co-equal to our right to life. This is not a negotiable issue. Government cannot force citizens to violate their religious beliefs under any circumstances. He will fight for the right of all Americans to act in accordance with their conscience."

However, "religious freedom" was used as an excuse for slavery, Jim Crow laws and by the Jehovah Witnesses to ban blood transfusions for their children in life-threatening emergencies, all of which was overridden by the U.S. government and the Supreme Court.

Sources: ThinkProgress.org, MediaMatters.org, Omaha.com, SasseForNebraska.com


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