Nebraska Bank Wouldn't Allow Muslim Woman Inside (Video)


An unidentified Muslim woman was denied entrance to the Security National Bank on Feb. 16 in Omaha, Nebraska (video below).

The woman wanted to open a bank account, but bank employees initially refused to let her in because she was wearing a hijab, a scarf that is often worn by Muslim women. 

The woman said that she explained to the employees that the hijab is worn for religious reasons and finally agreed to remove it, but was still not allowed inside the bank, noted KMTV.

Ferial Pearson, a friend of the woman, posted on Facebook on Feb. 16: "She called the police and they said the bank had the right to do that for security purposes. The police gave her this business card and told her to open her account via the drive through. "

In response to the incident, the Security National Bank said that it often asks people to remove clothing that covers their face for security.

However, a "Place of Public Accommodation" ordinance does not allow businesses to deny service based on people's religion or other factors, according to KMTV.

In an update to its policy, the bank said on Feb. 19 that "only items that obscure portions of a walk-in visitor's face must be removed," reported KETV.

The bank also said: "Religious head coverings that do not obscure the face are certainly allowed and have been in the past. The recent situation was an unfortunate misunderstanding," reported KMTV.

The bank did not elaborate on the misunderstanding. The Muslim woman told KETV that she has contacted the ACLU to see what her legal options are.

Sources: KMTV, KETV, Facebook / Photo credit: KMTV via YouTube

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