N.C. Nursery Commissions Religious Billboard In Response To Atheist Ad

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North Carolina business owner David Johnson became upset after seeing a story about a billboard in Tennessee spreading an atheist message during the holiday season.

According to WECT, the billboard depicts a young girl writing a letter to Santa that reads, "All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I'm too old for fairy tales." That billboard was sponsored by the organization American Atheists. 

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(via The Blaze)

Johnson so opposed the billboard's message that he decided to create a religious billboard of his own. The resulting product is a billboard that says "Merry Christmas," with the "Christ" part of that phrase underlined. It is currently being displayed on Interstate 40 near Willard, North Carolina. 

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(via The Blaze)

"We hear holiday this and season that, but rarely Christmas," Johnson said regarding his decision to emphasize the holiday's religious importance. 

Johnson, who owns Johnson Nursery in Willard, brought up the idea for the billboard in a company meeting. "Before this company meeting was over many started handing me $10 and $20 bills," Johnson said. 

That money was used to fund the billboard, the bottom of which reads "From the employees of Johnson Nursery."

Source: WECT, The Blaze / Image Source: WECT, The Blaze


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