Nazi Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller Buried In Jewish Cemetery In Germany

A German researcher uncovered documents that may finally put to rest the World War II mystery of what happened to the head of the Gestapo secret police and planner of the “Final Solution.”

Heinrich Mueller, also seen as Müller, died at the end of the war and was buried in a common grave in a Jewish cemetery in Berlin, according to Johannes Tuchel, the head of the Memorial to the German Resistance.

“Mueller didn’t survive the end of the war,” Tuchel told German newspaper Bild. “His body was interred in 1945 in the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Mitte in a mass grave.”

The German foreign intelligence agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), maintained for 68 years that it had a file on “Gestapo Mueller” that claimed he survived the war and was in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia, in summer 1949.

Tuchel says BND was wrong. He has a document from the registrar’s office in Berlin-Mitte that shows Mueller was buried in the district’s Jewish cemetery.

“Mueller’s body was already found in August 1945 in a provisional grave near the former Reich’s aviation ministry by a burial commando,” he said.

Buried with thousands of others, Mueller’s body was still wearing his Nazi general’s uniform.

“In the inner left breast pocket was, among other things, his service certificate with a photo,” he added.

President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, was dismayed by the news.

“That one of the most brutal Nazi sadists is buried in a Jewish cemetery is a distasteful monstrosity. The memory of the victims is being treated here with contempt,” Graumann told Bild.

Mueller was in attendance at the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, where senior Nazi officials planned the “Final Solution,” the plot to exterminate all Jews in Nazi-occupied areas, Raw Story reported.

Sources: Fox News, Raw Story


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