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Navy Chaplain's Alleged Anti-Gay Remarks, Discrimination May Get Him Fired


A Pentecostal Navy chaplain may soon see his job taken from him after allegedly making inflammatory remarks about homosexuality as well as premarital sex.

Spearheading the campaign to see him removed from his job is the commander of Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, Capt. Jon Fahs, according to Capt. Fahs wrote a memo on Feb. 17 requesting that the chaplain, Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Modder, be "detached for cause."

Launching an investigation as a response to a wealth of complaints from sailors about Modder, officials discovered that the case involved much more than just simple preaching. 

Fahs goes on to explain that an investigation found Modder guilty of telling students that homosexuality was wrong, that the "penis was meant for the vagina and not the anus," telling them gay people could be "saved," telling a student she was "shaming herself in the eyes of God" for taking part in premarital sex, as well as shaming pregnant students and inquiring about their sexual activities. 

“Lt. Cmdr. Modder on multiple occasions conducted himself in a manner that was a significant departure of what is expected of a chaplain in the United States Navy,” Fahs wrote in his memo. “He failed to show tolerance and respect for the rights of individuals to determine their own religious convictions and on multiple occasions he discriminated against students who were of different faiths and backgrounds.”

Modder has been a part of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command since April 2014.

Modder's attorney, Michael Berry, works for the Liberty Institute which regularly participates in legal cases involving the freedom of religious expression. 

“These accusations are baseless,” said Berry, according to “We specifically denied [in a written response to the Navy] that he said or did anything inappropriate.”

Fahs, on the other hand, claims that Modder would most likely not comply with Naval policy if it contended with his faith. 

He also expressed his concerns for those who would be seeking counsel with Modder, saying, “Students who receive counseling from a chaplain can be among the most vulnerable, and to expose them to Lt. Cmdr. Modder may be a recipe for tragedy.
"Modder must be removed from the command.”


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