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Navy Chaplain, Accused Of Anti-Gay Statements, Will Keep Job (Video)

Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modder, a Navy Chaplain who was disciplined by his superiors for allegedly condemning homosexuality and premarital sex, won his case in military court in September (video below).

According to the Military Times, Modder was accused in February of telling a female student at the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command in South Carolina how she was "shaming herself in the eyes of God" for having sex outside of marriage.

Modder allegedly told another student that "the penis was meant for the vagina and not for the anus," reportedly claimed to have the ability "save" homosexuals and "berated" a female student for getting pregnant outside of wedlock.

However, the Navy Personnel Command found that there was not enough hard evidence to prove Modder's alleged misconduct.

Fox News host Steve Doocy asked Modder on Oct. 26 what he had specifically said that got him into trouble, but the navy chaplain refused to go into specifics as his lawyer Kelly Shackelford sat next to him, reports

"I shared some Biblical viewpoints on faith and marriage, and the traditional viewpoint what marriage means," Modder replied.

"You know, from my perspective, when I'm asked a question about homosexuality, I'm going give a Biblical viewpoint in accordance with my ordaining church, the Assemblies of God," Modder added.

Shackelford, of the Christian-based Liberty Institute law firm, noted that they had lost several appeals until this recent decision.

"Because this is a violation of the law," Shackelford stated. "We have laws that are real specific about chaplains being chaplains and not being able to be persecuted or punished because they're being a chaplain from their faith, this is exactly what we want chaplains to do."

However, it was not a violation of the law that won the case for Modder, but rather a lack of evidence during counseling sessions. 

Doocy asked Modder if this legal battle would discourage him from speaking out in the same way.

"No, I don't believe so, I think that would be disingenuous," Modder replied. "I need to do what God's called me to do."

Sources:, Military Times / Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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