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National Religious Broadcasters President Claims Gay Marriage Will Bring Country Down (Video)

The National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson claimed last week that same-sex marriage will bring down the United States unless there is a great revival (video below).

Johnson made his predictions during an interview on TheDove TV, notes

"This notion, this manufactured idea of same-sex so-called marriage. It's a rejection of the Creator and the created order for human sexuality," Johnson stated.

"I just know something that wrong can never be legally right," Johnson added, while citing Martin Luther King Jr.'s words about unjust laws (regarding racial discrimination).

"You know, my initial reaction as a Christian is, you know, this cannot stand. It will either bring the country down or we'll have a great renewal and a great revival and a great awakening and it could be reversed," Johnson said.

The Huffington Post reports there have been negative responses to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling from other countries

The Anglican Church of Uganda's Archbishop Stanley Ntagali called the ruling an "immoral virus," while Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe said that U.S. leaders are "perverted Satan-worshipers" and Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, stated that he would keep Kenya from "dirty things."

Sources:, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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