Muslims Outraged After Supermarket Busted For Selling 'Halal' Product Containing Pork

A supermarket chain is under fire in Britain after it was revealed that products being sold as acceptable for Muslims actually contained pork.

Scottish company Punjab Pakora makes the black pudding product sold at Aldi stores in the U.K., and recently, it was revealed that despite being sold as halal, the food contains pork blood, pork stock and pork skins. Devout Muslims do not eat pork or any products from a pig.

"The mistake happened when we did the print run and unfortunately our manager failed to spot this error and got approval for printing,” Kushal and Vinita Duggal, owners of Punjab Pakora, said following the revelation. “We have been trying our very best and hardest (to correct the issue) and have contacted different clients involved and have sorted the issue.”

Aldi, a global supermarket chain, also released a statement saying it is working out the issue with Punjab Pakora and apologizing for their oversight.

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“Regarding the Punjab Pakora Black Pudding Pakora (Supplied by Punjab Pakora), we have now investigated this matter with the supplier, who has advised that the packaging was incorrectly labeled as Halal-certified and the problem is currently being rectified,” Aldi said in a statement. “We apologize for any confusion caused by this unfortunate, isolated matter. While this is not a food safety or legal compliance issue, any customers who are not satisfied are welcome to return their purchase to store for a full refund.”

Despite apologies, Muslim people have expressed their outrage towards the supermarket and food company.

“It is demoralizing and goes against ones religious morals and scripture,” Manahil Khan told the Daily Mail. “And I speak on behalf of every Muslim and human that does not deserve to be misled by any sort of false claim of halal food or lies about what we consume.”

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Sources: Metro, Daily Mail

Photo Sources: Via Metro, Daily Mail


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