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Muslims Claim Texas Bill Against Foreign Laws Targets Islam (Video)

The Irving, Texas, City Council passed a resolution on March 19 in support of a bill in the Texas House that would ban any foreign laws and reaffirms the supremacy of state and federal laws.

The resolution, which is non-binding, passed on a 5-4 vote (video below).

Many Muslims in Irving believe the bill, Texas HB 562, targets them and is a veiled reference to Sharia law.

“I think it is the most disgraceful day, as a citizen of Irving,” Omar Suleiman, a local Muslim, told CBS Dallas Fort Worth.

“The elephant in the room is that it’s the anti-Shariah [sic] bill,” Suleiman added.

The resolution may be in reaction to Islamic Tribunal, a mediation service for Muslims, which opened in January in nearby Dallas. The service deals with personal and family issues.

Islamic Tribunal's website states:

"The Islamic Tribunal seeks support and guidance from consultants and counselors to its attorneys to ensure that local, state and federal law are strictly conformed to and decisions that originate from the Tribunal are in accordance with said laws." reports there are similar organizations for Christians and Jews.

“This bill does not mention at all: Muslim, Sharia law, Islam, even religion,” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne insisted.

Van Duyne added that people need to respect, obey and embrace U.S. and Texas laws.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican, defied the supremacy of U.S. federal laws on March 23 during a rally for "Biblical marriage."

"It's not about being anti-anyone. It's about being for marriage between a man and a woman," Patrick claimed, reported KVUE. "It's not the federal government's business to tell Texans what to do in Texas on any issue."

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Image Credit: CBS Dallas Fort Worth Screenshot


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